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Şanlıurfa Auto Galericiler Site

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality completed the construction of the Auto Gallery was completed asphalt works. After the works to be completed in a short time, the main road and in-site transportation routes will be fully available. Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality, near the end of the construction of Auto Dealers [more…]


Karakoyun Viaduct is at the Crossroad

The foundation of Karakoyun Viaduct and Köprülü Junction which was completed by Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality was completed with a ceremony. Şanlıurfa permanent services to the Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Nihat Çiftçi, with the completion of the project 5 neighborhood [more…]


Trambus Damages the Historical Texture of Urfa

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality is preparing for the opening of the Trambus project will damage the historical texture of the city, indicating that the ŞPO Urfa Branch Chairman Mehmet Selim Açar, instead of cheaper and under the master plan in the framework of the system of havaray said. The Metropolitan Municipality of Şanlıurfa [more…]


Civil Inspection for Public Transport in Şanlıurfa

Turkey's hottest province of Sanliurfa, the Metropolitan Municipality Police teams launched an air conditioning control in the vehicles they make the trip with civilian clothes. The Metropolitan Municipality, which prioritizes citizens' health, does not allow the use of non-air-conditioned vehicles. Public transport compared to the population density in Turkey [more…]


De Urfa Card Period Begins in Birecik

In order to provide comfortable, comfortable and reliable transportation in all districts, Şanlıurfa Metropolitan Municipality initiated the Urfa Card period in Birecik this time. Mayor Nihat Çiftçi wishes that the application will be beneficial to all Birecik people and that all the vehicles in the district have been renewed. [more…]


Sanliurfa Trambus Project Ends

In the last 5 year, Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality, which has realized the Trambus Project in order to overcome the current transportation problem in Sanliurfa, which has increased its population by 25 by the end of the year, has come to an end. The first stage for the Trambus Project, which is supported by the citizens [more…]


Traffic Training Park Protocol Signed

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality and GAP Regional Development Administration to be made by the 30 acre Traffic Education Park protocol was signed. Mayor of Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality Nihat Ciftci, said they have implemented an important project for traffic education. Sanliurfa [more…]

63 Sanliurfa

Reaction to cable car project in Sanliurfa

Reactions to the cable car project to be made by the Metropolitan Municipality in Şanlıurfa continues. In Şanlıurfa, NGO representatives, columnists and citizens are opposed to the project for justified reasons. During the period of Karaköprü Municipality, among the projects of Nihat Çiftçi, Metropolitan Municipality [more…]