caykislaya signaling intersection
54 Sakarya

Signalized Intersection to Çaykışla

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Erenler Çaykışla region has started the construction of new signalized intersection. Refuge and asphalt operations will begin in a short period of time at the intersection works that have been completed in the foundation paving works. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure [more…]

constant transportation from boiling to more comfortable
54 Sakarya

Road Works in Kaynarca

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality continues the asphalt renovation works in various parts of the city. In this context, the thousand 500 meter long road that connects Sabırlı District to Kaynarca road was met by the Metropolitan Municipality. Metropolitan Municipality Road Maintenance and Infrastructure [more…]

the safe surc
54 Sakarya

Safe Driving in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sunflower Bike Valley continues to host its visitors. Within the scope, third grade students of Karaman Elementary School received information from the inden Safe Bicycle Use in Traffic Bisiklet trainers from the Sunflower Bike Valley trainers and from the Sakarya Police Department Traffic Branch officials. Big city [more…]

sakarya will continue to be a bike-friendly city
54 Sakarya

Sakarya will continue to be a friendly city

Speaking at the 7.Traditional Bike Tour, President Ekrem Yüce said, esi As the Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to taking part in activities that will create awareness in traffic. We think that cycling is a privileged position between awareness. Sakarya is a bicycle-friendly city. With this understanding [more…]

Smart Bicycles in Sakarya Start Service
54 Sakarya

Smart Bicycles Served in Sakarya

The Smart Bicycle Project, which was implemented by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in order to spread the use of bicycles in the city, started to provide services. Pistil, ları With bicycle sharing system, we set up smart bike stations at different locations of our city. Smart bike by our teams [more…]

smart pauses make life easier for sakarians
54 Sakarya

Smart Stops Will Make Life of Sakarya

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality by the 'New City is renewed for you' with the slogan of the new faces of the streets are equipped with modern stops to facilitate the life of the Sakarya. . We have completed the first stage of our renewal study,. Says Pistil. 120 stall stop, 24 triangle stall and 216 flag [more…]

bicycles assembled in sakbis project
54 Sakarya

Bike Assemblies Started in SAKBIS Project

Bike installations were started by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in the Smart Bike Project, which was launched in order to expand the use of bicycles in the city. . Bicycles were added to the smart bike stations by our teams. After the completion of the system checks, we will make it available to our citizens. Membership transactions [more…]