34 Istanbul

Haydarpaşa Train Station for Europe

Hundreds of people will march with torch to protest the closure of Haydarpasa Station to trains to Anatolia. Support is also available in Luxembourg, Romania and Germany. Among the symbols of Istanbul and 2 years before the fire completely burned the roof Haydarpasa [more…]


Strategic Logistics Centers for 2023

Parliament's Foreign Affairs Committee Member and İzmir deputy Rifat Said, Ministry of Economy, Turkey's exports plans to build in countries with strategic importance "logistics center", the stocking of products, timely eliminating problems such as delivery would facilitate the achievement of the 2023 export target. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Türkel Fairs Inc. 1993 to the present

Russian Federation, Ukraine, Belarus, Baltic Republics, Poland, Germany, Italy, Greece, Hungary, Denmark, Netherlands, Spain, Latvia, Romania, Tunisia, Egypt, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon, Kenya, Ghana, Sudan, Syria, Nigeria , Venezuela, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Hong Kong, Kazakhstan, [more…]

27 Gaziantep

Festival Children's Cable Car Enjoyment

3. International teams from four countries to attend the International Folklore Festival and Sahinbey Park ropeway ride, Miniatürk'i roaming and watching the music show with the light of the foreign teams admired Şahinbey Park. Three foreign teams coming to Gaziantep for the festival [more…]