bmcden strategic cooperation for defense industry
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Strategic Cooperation for Defense Industry from BMC

BMC 2019 Fair IDEF, Turkey's first tank Altay subcontractors for mass production of Aselsan, Roketsan, Defense Industry President Prof. MKEK and Havelser Dr. He signed a contract with İsmail Demir. BMC, 2019 Fair IDEF, Turkey's first [more…]

tudemsas are reviewed
58 Sivas


Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Sivas deputy Ahmet Ozyurek, the previous day in his speech at the Grand National Assembly of Turkey in support of the amendment to the Law on Strengthening the Turkish Armed Forces said. Lı We Support the Amendment to the Law on the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation ”on the amendment of the Turkish Armed Forces Foundation [more…]

06 Ankara

OSTİM Supports Railways

OSTİM Supports Railways: One of the places where the heart of the industry is located in Ankara is the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, which is built on 5 million square meters. The 5000 workplace in the area provides bread to 50.000 people. This month's guest of the Interview of the Month [more…]