marmaray paid holiday free of charge is why
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Bayramay Marmaray Paid, Metro Free! You ask why?

Hacıosman-Yenikapı line, one of Istanbul's two important rail systems, is free of charge during the festival and money is paid for Marmaray. The rationale is that the operation of Marmaray is attached to the ministry. In other words, someone who does not pay until Yenikapı by taking the metro Halkalıpays for the transfer. Eid al-Adha [more…]

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Halkalı-The end of the suburban line

4 has been closed for years Halkalı- It's the end of the suburb. Rails were installed at many points, stations were installed. 29 2018 will be launched in October 185 HalkalıBetween Istanbul and the 105 minutes will come to the end of Istanbul's suburban homes! Istanbul's transportation [more…]

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Turkey Marmaray the vehicle

Marmaray vehicle Turkey: Turkey's Marmaray serve as one of the important passenger capacity 90 million investment over two years, reaching more passengers than the population of Turkey. Marmaray, which serves as TCDD 5 wagon, will be removed to 10 wagon, [more…]