34 Istanbul

Draws Europe with drawbar hook

Europe with the drawer hook: Kanca Inc., in the railway sector has quickly gained significant customers. Especially at the point reached with the production of the sprocket hook, it meets the 20 of the European needs. The company exhibited outdoor space at the Innotrans in Berlin, Germany [more…]


Nostalgic buses show off

Nostalgic buses showcased: IETT, which has a yearly 143 in Istanbul, is organized this year as part of the Public Transportation Week events or Transist 2014 7. International Transportation Technologies Symposium and Fair, starting tomorrow. Nostagic buses will be showcased at the fair. Fair [more…]


Leader of Bursa OYAK Renault

OYAK Renault, the leader of Bursa: According to X Bursa's First 250 Large Firm Survey göre, OYAK Renault became the biggest industrial company of the city with a turnover of 8,6 billion pounds. OYAK Renault was followed by Tofaş with a turnover of 7,3 billion pounds. in Bursa [more…]

33 France

For Renault Formla E

On the Run for Renault Form: On the run of the FIA ​​Formula E Championship in Beijing less than five months before the start of the 13 in Beijing, including the FEH of the competition and Renault, the official technical partner of Spark Racing Technology, [more…]