7 Russia

Moscow-Kazan high-speed train departs at 2018

Moscow-Kazan high-speed train will be lifted at 2018: A high-speed train project to be carried out as a pilot project in Moscow-Khan will start at 2018 reported. According to information given by the authorities working on the railways of Praym Agency, in accordance with the agreement made in September, the high-speed train [more…]

34 Istanbul

The eyes of everyone in the territory of TCDD

The eyes of everyone in the land of TCDD: The state was again damaged. TCDD land was privatized before it was then nationalized again. The projects that are intended to bring together both sides of Istanbul cause the public to suffer damage due to planning errors. Unfavorable due to the Marmaray Project [more…]

Intercity Railways

Karabük to Raybüs

Contributing to the economy of Karabük, one of the issues that will provide support to the economic and social development of Karabük, is to provide easy and cheap transportation to Karabük from the surrounding provinces and districts and settlements. Rail systems are generally cheap transportation systems. Karabük-Kursunlu, to be operated between [more…]