tcdd staff recruitment results
06 Ankara

TCDD 356 Personnel Recruitment Results Announced

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD) indefinite duration in the workplace (permanent) workplace to be taken into 169 to be run by the employment contract; 86 Train Engineer, 42 Railway Road Construction, Maintenance and Repair Machine Operator, 188 Railway Line Maintenance Repairer, [more…]

tcdd public staff reception kpss sarti yok
06 Ankara

TCDD Procurement of Public Personnel

Publication of public personnel is made without the requirement of KPSS to work in İzmir, Manisa, Afyonkarahisar and Adana provinces with the advertisements published by TCDD İŞKUR. Total 5 Person will be employed. TCDD General Directorate 1 Personnel Railway Line Maintenance Repairer [more…]

06 Ankara

TCDD 15 will recruit workers

TCDD 15 will recruit workers: TCDD General Directorate, State Personnel Presidency announced on the official website and announced that it will purchase workers through Iskur. Oral Examinations by the Directorate General of Human Resources of the General Directorate of TCDD [more…]


TCDD Company Recruitment Applications Started

TCDD Operational Personnel Recruitment Applications Started: For the purchase of the Disabled Railway Line Maintenance Restorer: Rail Line Maintenance Repairer is the way for the disabled workers to be recruited to be employed in the art arm, rail and rail transport where freight and passenger transportation are done together. [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

TCDD 3 will take ex convict staff

TCDD staff 3 ex-convicts will total 3 the Directorate General of State Railways of the Republic of Turkey will make recruitment of ex-convicts. Republic of Turkey General Directorate of State Railways Directorate of Afyonkarahisar 2 Wagon Repair and Maintenance Workshop, Manisa Railway Line [more…]

03 Afyonkarahisar

Purchase of disabled workers to railways

Purchase of disabled workers will be done to the railways: General Directorate of State Railways Directorate of disabled workers staff will be recruited 8 workers said. Applications 5 will end in November. The General Directorate of State Railways will recruit workers across the country. 2 in Afyonkarahisar, [more…]