rail system investments will be accelerated in Istanbul, domestic technologies will be given weight
34 Istanbul

Rail System Investments in Istanbul Will Be Accelerated, Domestic Technologies Will Be Focused

From the “Rail System” workshop organized by IMM units, it was decided to accelerate metro investments and to concentrate on domestic technologies. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) Rail System Department has organized a Sistem Rail System ıyla workshop with the participation of academicians from various universities. The opening speech of the workshop [more…]

turkey signature to water rail
249 Republic of Sudan

Signature in Sudan Railway Line to Turkey

In Turkey Rail's raysimaş operating in the systems domain General Manager Baran Mustache, will allow the port connections in Sudan Salloum-Suwakin-sheikibrah I iron the way the line feasibility studies, said they received the design and construction consultancy business, will begin then said hiring the signing of the contract [more…]