16 Bursa

Bursaray's Rotary Wagons TÜVASAŞ Passenger

In the first days of the new year, we announced the news of sales from these columns. Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, which is used for a long time on the Kestel line has been a customer of Rotterdam wagons. Bursaray operator of Rotterdam BURULAŞ wagon to the interests of the sale, the short name TÜVASAŞ, Turkey Wagon Industries Inc. in Sakarya. he was aspired. To meet the needs of Bursaray [more…]


Kayseri Loved the Rail System

Kayseri Transportation Inc. within Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality. Turkey's brand has become one of the company for his work. Transportation Inc. General Manager Feyzullah Gündoğdu gave a press conference and gave information about the activities that Transport Inc. has done and will do. Big city [more…]


Electric Buses Coming to Kayseri

President Steel, 18 electric bus procurement preparations for the completion of the tender said. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Mustafa Celik, the size of rail system vehicles for the purchase of electric buses announced the completion of the necessary work. President Steel, the tender as soon as possible [more…]

16 Bursa

Wagons for sale from BURULAŞ

BURULAŞ, the transportation company of the Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, is also disposing of the dormant rail system vehicles at its disposal after the waterfowl aircraft. BURULAS, the old administration in the Netherlands during the rehabilitation of the Netherlands for a long time used in the pipeline. System malfunctions often [more…]

35 Izmir

Brake systems under LMC assurance

LMC 20 in the mechanical, hydraulic and pneumatic components industry with years of experience; Demirçelik provides components for various sectors ranging from oil and natural gas investment projects to rail systems and wind power plants. The largest product range of hydraulic pipe connection [more…]


Melikgazi Support for Rail Transportation in Kayseri

Melikgazi support for rail transportation in Kayseri: Mayor of Melikgazi, Memduh Büyükkılıç said that Melikgazi support and investment will be provided to the rail transportation network carrying thousands of people with its comfort and convenience as it makes a great contribution to Kayseri's inner city transportation. Talas [more…]