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Target on the Railway Network 31 Bin Km

The government will prioritize space work in the new era. Transport Minister Ahmet Arslan, "we will spend up to 2035 space shuttle project to life," she said Transportation and communication in the era of 15 years, Turkey to circumvent the government will give priority to work in the new space era. [more…]

04 Pain

Hani Railway to Ağrı

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) Deputy Chairman Harun Karaca, the railroad from time to time in the comments about the railroad found. Agri Development Association President Omer Yildiz said in a statement on social media Civil Society [more…]

44 UK

652 racism incident in rail transport

652 racism incident in rail transport: In London, there are four average racist attacks on trains and subways every week. According to the information received from the Police in the Freedom of Information Act of the Evening Standard, racist attacks and harassment in London's railway network [more…]