Samsun Works for Local Tram Again

Local Panorama trams, which were purchased by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality and produced in our country, started to serve in Samsun in 2015 for the first time. 19 Mayıs University On-campus additional light rail system line, which is being carried out by Samsun Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

06 Ankara

ARUS achieved domestic and national production

Anatolian Railway Transportation Systems Cluster (ARUS) was established rail in Turkey until the final product from the design of transport systems and domestic produce as national brands and the national brands produced in the year 2012 order to bring the level to compete in the international market. 170 [more…]


Number of trams in Samsun rises to 28

The number of trams in Samsun rose to 28: the seventh of the 8 units of the local tram, which was purchased by SAMULAŞ, came to Samsun yesterday by the highway as part of the second stage construction of the Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Line Gar-Tekkeköy. Bursa DURMAZLAR [more…]

34 Istanbul

2023 by rail until 13 thousand kilometers

2023 years 13 thousand kilometers of railways to target: 14 304 billion pounds a year to spend transportation Turkey, has spent the lion's share with 60 billion pounds rail system. Speaking at the International Railway, Light Rail Systems, Infrastructure Exhibition starting in Istanbul [more…]


Samu, 6. Local Tram Has Added to Fleet

Samu, 6. Local Tram has been added to the fleet: Samsun Metropolitan Municipality Light Rail System Line Gar-Tekkeköy in the second stage of the second stage of the construction of the 8 units purchased by SAMULAŞ sixth tram came to Samsun by highway yesterday. Greater Samsun [more…]

16 Bursa

Minister Özlü used Local Tram Silkworm

Minister Özlü used the local tram Ipekböceğini: Science, Industry and Technology Minister Faruk Özlü, local tram manufacturer Durmazlar Group's factories in Bursa toured. originally developed by ASELSAN, under the leadership of Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, Turkey's first Durmazlar produced by the Holding [more…]