marmaray working hours 2019
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Marmaray Working Hours 2019

Citizens who want to get rid of the heavy traffic of Istanbul and reach their destination quickly, are taking a look at Marmaray working hours. Marmaray is a commuter train system operating in Istanbul. Construction of Marmaray Tunnel under the Bosphorus and European side [more…]

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Technical Malfunction

Technical failure in the Marmaray: In the early morning hours in Marmaray, the maintenance worker lost his life due to electric current. After the breakdown, which caused the unfortunate worker to lose his life, Marmaray sails occurred. Flights in Marmaray due to technical failure in the morning [more…]

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Asian and European lines merged

Asian and European lines merged The electricity will not be cut in the Marmaras: ANEL Group Chairman Rıdvan Çelikel, Board Members Merve Şirin Çelikel and Bülent Batukan, Independent Board Member Cahit Düzel and I boarded the boat from Bebek. Marmaray [more…]

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Tunnel of Marmaray (Video)

Marmaray Tunnel: Two different forms of TBMs were used between Ayrılıkçeşme and Üsküdar, Sirkeci-Yenikapı and Sirkeci-Yedikule. 5 has worked in TBM project. The EPB type is 1 and the other 4 are cemented CPCs. EBP-TBM (Close-up shield and ground [more…]

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Marmaray Tunnel Construction

Marmaray Tunnel Construction: The Marmaray Project, one of the most important projects in the world, is capable of maintaining Istanbul's urban life in a healthy way, offering a modern urban life and urban transportation opportunities for the city population, and maintaining the city's natural history. [more…]