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23 Elazig

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2014 368 construction began in the cost of million pounds Kömürhan Bridge continues to last speed. The bridge, which will enter the world literature when finished, is aimed to be completed and opened to traffic in 2020. Located between Malatya-Elazığ highway, the Kömürhan Bridge and [more…]


20 in January

Northern ring road tender in Malatya 20 in January: AK Party deputy Malatya and Grand National Assembly governor Omer Faruk Oz, "Northern ring road auction will be held in January, 20" he said. After the completion of the 2015 budget talks in the Turkish Grand National Assembly, the [more…]


Trambus Maintenance Station Tender 21 in April

Trambus Maintenance Station Tender 21 in April: Malatya Metropolitan Municipality will carry out the tender for the trambus maintenance station on April in 21. According to information obtained, the electrically operated bus is known as the trambus under the system, the maintenance station for these vehicles by the municipality [more…]