16 Bursa

Karsan Electric Atak Brand Bus

Karsan, which offers solutions suitable for the mobility needs of its era in its two factories located in Bursa, exhibited the electric version of the 8.1 meter-long city bus Atak for the first time at Hannover Fair. Karsan R & D team with BMW, BMW's passenger car [more…]


Modern Transformation in Transportation in Salihli

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality, which is continuing its activities within the scope of the transformation process in transportation, has completed the transformation of public transportation vehicles between Salihli and its neighborhoods. The turn-key ceremony for the new 43 vehicle was completed. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality passed [more…]


Karsan to Malatya 13 Piece Attack!

Karsan to Malatya 13 Piece Attack! : Karsan, a domestic manufacturer offering modern solutions to cities with its public transportation systems, delivered 13 pieces of Karsan Atak to Malatya within the scope of the Project of Transformation of Minibuses in Industry and Malpazarı. Karsan, Industry and Malpazari [more…]


Modernization in Manisa

Transportation in Manisa Modernization: Within the scope of the transformation project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa, a ceremony was held in the Ortaköy neighborhood of Yunusemre district for the new vehicle 43, which will be used in the Yunusemre district, Pelitalan, Çamlıca, Üçpınar, Maldan, Köseler, Durasallı and Düzlen routes. [more…]


KARSAN to Manisa 30 Piece ATAK

30 Piece Attack from KARSAN to MANISA: Karsan delivered 30 8-meter ATAK bus to the city of Saruhanli in Manisa with the UM Urban Transformation in Transportation UM approach. In this way, the başlat Transformation in Public Transport da project initiated by the Metropolitan Municipality of Manisa in Saruhanlı [more…]

35 Izmir

Receives 100 bellows bus to ESHOT

He took another 100 bellowship to ESHOT: After the change in Izmir Metropolitan Law, the General Directorate of ESHOT has started to provide transportation services to the whole of 30 and continues to strengthen and renew the bus fleet in order to meet the increasing demands. ESHOT, in this context [more…]


The leader of automotive exports Bursa

The leader of automotive exports Bursa was carried from the 35 percent of the exports from the leading sector of automotive exports Bursa, Turkey. In the first half of the year, 11 billion 717 million 709 thousand dollars of automotive exports are made, approximately 35 of this part [more…]