14 Bolu

Kartalkaya Ski Center Starts Snowfall

Kartalkaya Ski Center Snowfall Started: Tourism in Kartalkaya, one of the important centers of domestic ski tours, started in the morning and the tourists were happy. Turkey's most important tourism centers of winter snowfall began in Kartalkaya. Starting yesterday evening [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkaya Ski Resort Winter Ready

Kartalkaya Winter Ready: winter preparations in Kartalkaya Turkey's most important ski centers has been completed. Halit Ergül, Chairman of Grand Kartal Hotel, said,, We made all our preparations. If it snows early, 15 starts the season even in November [more…]

25 Erzurum

Attention in Palandöken and Konaklı

Attention Palandöken and Konaklı: Uludağ, Kartalkaya and many ski resorts, especially Erciyes, closed the season early. Palandöken and Konaklı is still found in the abdomen of a meter, so that became centers can ski in Turkey. Air temperatures [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkaya ski center snow thickness 90 centimeter

Snow thickness in Kartalkaya ski center 90 centimeter: The maximum snow thickness in ski centers was measured by Kartalkaya with 90 centimeters, and the lowest by 15 centimeters in Uludağ, Hazarbaba and Kartepe. The snow thickness in the ski centers is at maximum 90 centimeter in Kartalkaya [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkayada ski season is closing

Kartalkayada ski season is closing: the weekend of the ski resort of Bolu, Kartalkaya, is closing. The season closes with the decrease in the number of customers in Kartalkaya, where the amount of profit has declined considerably. 2 hotel located in the ski resort, closed the season last weekend. Other [more…]

14 Bolu

Night skiing in Kartalkayada

Kartalkayada night skiing: The skiers at Kartekaya, the ski resort of Bolu, enjoyed the night skiing on the tracks illuminated by the lamps. Kartalkaya at the summit of Köroğlu Mountains, near the end of the ski season, holidaymakers began to ski at night. Skiing on tracks all day long [more…]

14 Bolu

The elites enjoyed skiing in Kartalkaya

The elites enjoyed skiing at Kartalkaya: Kartalkaya Kaya Palazzo continues to host the well-known names of Istanbul's community life. Tuğçe Altınbaş, daughter of İmam Altınbaş, the chairman of Altınbaş Holding Board of Directors, enjoyed skiing with his friends. Altınbaş's phone did not fall. they Acer [more…]

25 Erzurum

It meets in Erzurum, Turkey Winter Tourism Platform

Turkey Winter Tourism Platform Gathers in Erzurum: execution planning for Turkey's most popular winter tourism centers, promotional and created in order to carry out a common strategy framework for branding Winter Tourism Platform was held in Erzurum first meeting. Northeastern Anatolia [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkayada snow thickness has passed 205 centimeters

Kartalkayada snow thickness 205 centimeters passed: the maximum snow thickness in ski centers XMUMX centimeters were measured in Kartalkaya. The maximum snow thickness was measured with 205 centimeter in Kartalkaya and the lowest with 205 centimeters in Elmadag Ski Center. Maximum number of ski resorts [more…]

18 Cankiri

Ilgaz Mountain is experiencing the density of rationing

Vacation on Mount Ilgaz report experiencing density: density is experiencing winter break in Ilgaz Yıldıztepe of Turkey's major ski resorts. Uludağ, Palandöken, as well as the famous ski resorts such as Kartalkaya, Ilgaz Mountain with Turkey's natural beauty, experiencing the most active period nowadays. [more…]

14 Bolu

JAK fills the eye

JAKE eyes filling: Gendarmerie Search and Rescue (JAK), one of Turkey's most important tourism centers Kartalkaya and Gerede made the holiday more reliable in Arkut Mountain. Making a more reliable holiday for holidaymakers thanks to the measures they have taken and their successful activities [more…]


10 best ski resort in Turkey

Conveniently located close Turkey's best-10 ski resort of Uludag Bursa and Istanbul due to both a very popular spot Bursa tops the list. Ski area in the center, located 36 kilometers south of the city [more…]

06 Ankara

Tourism is melting

Tourism is melting: Snow thickness of 30 centimeters in the city's winter tourism center Elmadağ'ın neglected reaction is attracted. To reach the ski center, the people of Ankara are passing the muddy roads, the stones on the course and the concrete trough the animals drink in the summer. [more…]

14 Bolu

Kartalkaya expired at the end of the week

Kartalkaya end at the end of the week: the ski resort of Bolu, Kartalkaya, was flown by holidaymakers at the weekend. Kartalkaya, the ski resort of Bolu, was flooded by holidaymakers at the weekend. The holidaymakers made skiing and snowboarding on the tracks. One of the most important centers of winter tourism, Kartalkaya, week [more…]

16 Bursa

No more hotels in Uludag

There are no more hotels in Uludag: due to lack of infrastructure and transportation in the past due to a period of loss of attraction and tourism centers such as Palandöken, Kartalkaya Uludag, such as the holiday season is so lively. Snow thickness exceeds 2 meters [more…]

13 Bitlis

Ski resorts in the east

The ski centers in the east were celebrated: The ski centers attracted great attention when the snow thickness reached the desired level in the Eastern Anatolia Region. Citizens who know the opportunity to have a weekend and a half-term holiday in Bitlis, al-Aman Ski Center literally flocked. Especially enjoy your holiday [more…]

14 Bolu

Skiing hungry

Skiing is open: you're hungry for skiing in snow-white snow-covered mountains all day long. It's up to you to feed your stomach. Bursa Iskender Kebab, juicy casserole dishes Bolu, cag kebab Erzurum, Kayseri, Kars gruyere cheese ravioli and Turkey's popular ski resorts of ... [more…]