Bay Transition Bridge Illuminated (Video)

The Gulf Transition Bridge was illuminated: The illumination of the cat road, which was completed at the İzmit Bay Bridge, which is the most important transit point of the highway project between Istanbul and Izmir, added a new color to the Gulf. Istanbul-Izmir between the 3.5 hour to download the most important [more…]

77 Yalova

Gulf Crossing Bridge

The Gulf Transition Bridge Most Yalovaya Yaradı: Istanbul-Izmir Highway Project, domestic and foreign people entered the field of attraction. As a result, land and housing in Bursa and Izmir made good premiums. The most profitable project [more…]

istanbul izmir highway

Istanbul Izmir Highway Project

Istanbul Izmir highway project: Deutsche Bank has offered to refinance the first phase financing package of the Istanbul Izmir highway project. The consortium, which has undertaken the project, came back to the table with the 8 Turkish bank and renewed the loan at a lower interest rate, financing cost. [more…]

16 Bursa

Transit Period in Transportation

Istanbul Technical University, Department of Transportation Department and Bursa Transportation Master Plan Advisor. Dr. Haluk Gerçek, people in urban transport will be encouraged to transfer people, he said. As of today, tens of parallel to each other in the city center [more…]