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IBB Assembly Approves IETT's 2017 Year Annual Report

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2017 Year Activity Report of the General Directorate of IETT. IETT General Manager Ahmet Bagis presented the report to the Assembly, technological solutions and complaints given to the drivers decreased the passenger satisfaction, increased passenger satisfaction, he said. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Good News for Istanbul 2 New Metro

2 New Metro Gospel to Istanbul: The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Kadir Topbaş, Rumeli Hisarüstü-Aşiyan Funicular Line and Vezneciler-Sultangazi Metro, which were given the good news before the local elections of 2014, come to life. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, February [more…]

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Istanbulkartta new application starts at 2017

The new application in Istanbulkart starts at 2017: the latest in Istanbul. With the report approved by Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, it was decided to convert Istanbulkart into an electronic money card. With the decision that will affect the daily life of Istanbul citizens can not distinguish their identity after identity [more…]

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Approved IETT 2017ye ready

IETT 2017 approved: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council approved the 2.9 IETT budget of 2017 billion by IETT General Manager Arif Emecen. IETT General Manager Arif Emecen, who made a presentation before the vote in the IBB Parliament, said, isi [more…]

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Nostalgic tram was approved by IMM

The Nostalgic tramway was approved by IMM: The plan of the nostalgic tram line, one of the brand projects of the Mayor Mehmet Tevfik Göksu, was accepted in the IBB Parliament and put into the plans. Brand projects in the minds of people in the minds of the Esenler and works [more…]

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Beykoza will arrive in Metro 2020 (Video)

Beykoza Metro will arrive in 2020: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has approved the 3 Floor Metro-Highway Project, which will pass through the Bosphorus and pass through Beykoz Küçüksu. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council was recently announced by Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu for the first time [more…]

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Kadıköy Kartal Metro Line Discount Extended

The discount was extended in the Kadıköy Kartal subway line: it was unanimously decided to extend the 50 discounted transportation to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council until the 1 August. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, Kadikoy-Kartal subway line applied on the 50 discount [more…]

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What happens to Haydarpaşa?

What will happen to Haydarpaşa: Anatolia was the name of Europe's door to the hope of people, and for many years Haydarpaşa.Yeşilçam films hosted the unforgettable scenes. Everybody's mind is scraped with the phrase İstanbul Istanbul will beat you Herkes. Today he is waiting for the answer to his future. [more…]

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Marmaraya AVM? How will it be

Marmaraya AVM? How it will be: State Railways Enterprise 1. Regional Directorate of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) in the plans of the X Söğütlüçeşme Railway Station Area öğ approximately 22 thousand square meters of the field İ Marmaray Station and Railway Viaduct Six Trading [more…]

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Shopping Center added to Marmaras

AVM is being added to the Marmaray: State Railways Enterprise 1. The Regional Directorate of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council plans to replace the yaklaşık Söğütlüçeşme Railway Station Area X with approximately 22 thousand square meters area as öğ Marmaray Station and Railway Viaduct Six Trade Area Bölge. [more…]

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IETT flights in Kizilcek

IETT voyages in Küçükçekmece: Problems in IETT flights in Küçükçekmece are on the agenda of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. Erhan Aslaner prepared a written question to the parliamentary agenda of the IETT bus service in Küçükçekmece. [more…]