camlica tower test work will begin at the end of the year
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Testing Works at Çamlıca Tower will be commenced at the end of the year

Minister of Transport and Infrastructure M. Cahit Turhan, Küçük Çamlıca TV-Radio Tower, `` So far we have made a progress of 85 percent. Our goal is to start testing at Çamlıca TV Tower at the end of this year. ” Minister Turhan, Küçük [more…]

old military pilot from istanbul airport warning
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Istanbul Military Airport Warning

The pilot of the Istanbul Airport every day a new one emerged and how to solve them Captain Pilot told Bahadır Altan. Ataturk Altan error indicating that the closure of the airport, said the new airport will stop the event of unavailability of life in Turkey for two days. [more…]

can not be done at the pepli karabat istanbul airport
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No CHP Karabat, Istanbul Airport

The 3 that the AKP has been promoting for years. Flights are hitting the airport. While discussing these problems, the claim that the airport will sell to foreigners was raised. The CHP Istanbul deputy Özgür Karabat carries the matter to the agenda of the TGNA with a motion of a question, [more…]

Istanbul airport accident
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Accident at Istanbul Airport

The wing of the Boeing 737 type aircraft, which is called Sümela belonging to Turkish Airlines, crashed on the pole during the taxi and the 8.45 Ankara flight was canceled. Boeing 08.45- (777) type airplane belonging to Turkish Airlines, which will conduct 300 Istanbul -Ankara Airport flights at Istanbul Airport, [more…]

istanbul airport to international odul
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International Award to Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport was awarded the prest Special Achievement Award 'in the Traveler Outstanding Innovation lar category of the Global Traveler, one of the most prestigious publications in the tourism sector in the world. Turkey opened a new door in the world Istanbul Airport, the US-based global access; frequent travel [more…]

Istanbul airport does not run out of shortcomings
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Istanbul Airport Misses Don't Know

We talked with a staff member who transferred the problems from Istanbul Airport to another airport. There are no roads called cat paths in the ceilings of the restaurants at the airport, so pay attention to the risk of running fire, saying that the accumulated fats cannot be cleaned [more…]

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The Istanbul Airport

According to the information in Airporthaber; Istanbul airport has been canceled for a while due to wind barriers. Airplanes in the air have to make a delayed landing. Due to various physical conditions, the landing and flight [more…]