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Here is Not Written About Istanbul Airport

Elçin Demiröz from Oda TV, who said that they didn't write about the Istanbul Airport, which made a great success in the media with its construction and opening, wrote the fares and fares of the much discussed airport. 29 scheduled to open on October 2018 but [more…]

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IETT Managers Get a Phone in ALO 153

The managers of the units of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality and affiliate companies meet the calls of citizens in the call center within the scope of 'White Table Empathy Call Days' project. White Table ALO looked at the IETT managers this time on the phones at the 153 Call Center. [more…]

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Public Transport Percentage in Istanbul

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council, 21-24 August between the dates of the public transport of 50 discounted service offered by the public. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Council held the first meeting of July meetings in Saraçhane building. IMM Assembly 1. President [more…]

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IETT Emergency Description

Some newspapers and social media on the social media "AK Party Istanbul Provincial Congress IETT Buses were mobilized" about the unfounded information and news about the news! Rental of IETT vehicles for external demands, with business plans [more…]

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Forgotten Items on IETT Buses

Forgotten items on the IETT buses 15 January 2018 will be put up for sale on Monday at Karaköy Garage Building. IETT buses, stops, forgotten in BRT vehicles and stations and the goods delivered to the authorities are recorded and distortion [more…]

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Uzunçayır IETT Site Area Entered Service

Uzunçayır IETT Area Area Entered Service: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality has opened Uzunçayır Peron Area, which is adjacent to metro and metrobus because of the works in Kadıköy Square. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), faster, safer and more comfortable transportation of Istanbul residents [more…]

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IETT buses are transferred to IMM

IETT buses are handed over to IMM: A new arrangement where the General Directorate of Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT) carrying passengers in 145 for years has handed over the buses to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) and will not carry passengers except for metrobus, tunnel and tram [more…]

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Karakutu Coming to Buses

Karakutu Coming to Buses: In Istanbul, IETT bus system was used in airplanes. The instant information will be monitored from a single center and intervened when necessary. Istanbul Electric Tramway and Tunnel Operations (IETT) [more…]