Buttim Junction opened to vehicle traffic

Buttim Junction opened to vehicle traffic: Buttim Junction, which provides the connection of Bursa city center to Istanbul and has the busiest traffic, was opened to vehicle traffic. Bursa Governor Münir Karaloğlu, who opened the Buttim Köprülü Junction to vehicle traffic, is the most important [more…]


Fair Izmir's road problem does not stop

Fair Izmir's road problem does not stop: Büyükşehir'ye built Fairs to provide access to Izmir connection ways work SOS gives. Authorities of the Regional Directorate of Highways said that the time for the connection road project is insufficient, the opening of the New Fairground in Gaziemir International Marble [more…]


No road safety warning

There is no consideration of the warning issued by the Highways: There are no warning signs on the South Batman Ring Road by the Regional Directorate of Highways. In spite of the warning signs in the form of ”rubbing rubble el in many places along the route, [more…]

02 Adiyaman

On-the-Go Source Endangers Water Drivers

Source Water Drives on the Road is Endangered: Kahta-Sincik Highway in Adıyaman Karakuş locality in the middle of the road leads to icy water source. Sincik-Kahta Highway In the Karakuş locality, icing occurs on the road due to underground spring water in the middle of the road [more…]


9 item file to highways

9 item file to the Highways: Mengen Mayor Turhan Bulut, the district authorities to the district Directorate of Highways to file a request for 9 article forwarded. NEWS CENTER Highways 4. Regional Manager Mustafa Karademir, Highways 4. Deputy Regional Director [more…]


HGS crossing violations suspended

HGS crossing violations has been suspended: Drivers and Vehicle Turkey Federation (TŞOF) has issued circulars on the problems experienced in the transition HGS. The circular, which was published after the meeting between General Directorate of Highways and TFAF, summarized as follows: [more…]


2015 will be the year of transport

2015 will be the year of transportation: In the Tuesday group meeting, the 2014 million TL investment in 261 in Antalya announced that the Regional Directorate of Highways will accelerate its investments in 2015 The Tuesday Group, which brings together the leading businessmen of the city, is headed by Muharram Koç. [more…]