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CHP Gürer: aki Safety on Rails Safety on Smart Phone CH

After the train crash, where 24 lost its lives in the last July of the year in Çorlu due to the destruction of excessive rains on the tracks, the TCDD solution was found to give the mechanics the task of monitoring the meteorology. CHP Niğde Deputy Ömer Fethi Gürer, [more…]

The technology used in railways is the same as 1963
06 Ankara

Technology Used in Railways Same as 1963

After the train crash in Ankara, where the 3 died, the engineer 9 died, the eyes were turned into high-speed train projects. According to the report of the Chamber of Mechanical Engineers, the technology used in railways is the same as the technology used in 1963 years. According to the report of Rıfat Doğan from Artı Gerçek [more…]

06 Ankara

Başkentray'ı Served to Ankara

TCDD General Manager İsa ApaydınIn the May issue of Raillife magazine, the article titled ılar We have presented Başkentray to the Service of Ankara 'was published. TCDD GENERAL MANAGER'S SPEECH THAT Apaydın as compatible with the transformation in the world, a great improvement in rail investment in recent years in Turkey [more…]

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Domestic and national railway

160 year has passed since the first journey of the railways in Anatolia. In the 1856, 4.136 km of the lines built with the railway journey starting with İzmir-Aydın line remained within the borders of today. 1923 km rail was built between 1950-3.764. Ferries fast [more…]


Samsun Fast Train Project Has Been Again

Samsun Fast Train Project is Another Break: Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) Samsun Province Chairman Taner Tekin said that the project Ankara Samsun-Corum-Ankara, Ankara-Corum-Samsun Fast Train dı was not included in the 2017 year investment plans. Elections to the people of Samsun for many years by the ruling MPs [more…]

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Giant Projects Opened One Wheel

Giant Projects Opens One Wheel: Countdown has begun for the engineering wonders exemplified worldwide. The necklace of the Gulf is being launched today and four more projects are planned to be completed by the end of the year. High-speed trains until 2023 [more…]

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Antalya to connect with Istanbul high-speed train

Antalya will be connected to Istanbul by high-speed train: Antalya-Burdur, Isparta-Afyon-Kutahya-Eskisehir to connect Antalya to Istanbul. High Speed ​​Train projects will be completed in the 2023 million dollars in 824 benefit will be provided. According to the statement made by TCDD, thanks to these projects 161 [more…]