06 Ankara

Logistics center from China to Europe

Logistics Center from China to Europe: LOGISTICS that they have made significant investments in the field of Capital Ankara Organized Industrial Zone (OIZ) President Şadi Türk, "all the industrialists from Ankara to direct products from China to the west, from the west to Europe by using the railway," he said [more…]

06 Ankara

OSTİM Supports Railways

OSTİM Supports Railways: One of the places where the heart of the industry is located in Ankara is the OSTİM Organized Industrial Zone, which is built on 5 million square meters. The 5000 workplace in the area provides bread to 50.000 people. This month's guest of the Interview of the Month [more…]


TCDD's resource management is in one system.

The Republic of Turkey State Railways (TCDD), which was completed by HAVELSAN 'TCDD Enterprise Resource Management System Project, all of the assets, resources and operations will no longer be executed from a single system. With this system, TCDD's finance and human resources, vehicle maintenance, operation, material [more…]