Gaziray project to be accelerated
27 Gaziantep

Gaziray Project to Accelerate Work

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Mehmet Cahit Turhan, Gaziray project signed with the protocol signed with Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality stating they do, in order to finish the project immediately gave the authorities said. Transport to Gaziantep to make a series of contacts [more…]

Gaziray ends at 2019
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Gaziray Ends in 2019

Gaziray will continue to provide suburban services to Gaziantep from the comfort of the metro. 100 thousand people planned to move a day 1.1 billion pounds Gaziray project, some stations came to the final stage. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality prepared to relieve city transportation [more…]

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Gaziray Project Will Add Vision to City Vision

The projects realized in the area of ​​transportation during the period of Fatma Şahin, Mayor of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, will bring vision to the vision of the city. Sahin, with the strong team established yıl Gaziantep with his love ”out the service path,“ Our Power is Gaziantep hizmet with the slogan of 4 at the end of the year, the City of Gazi, expected [more…]

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Menderes's Bridge Is Expanded for Gaziray Project

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, in the year of the 1955 Menderes'in initiated and the construction of the bridge in Gaziantep for the construction of the Gaziray began to expand work, he said. In the area where the bridge is made to the members of the press Sahin, demolishing some areas in the city [more…]


Work Started for Metro in Gaziantep

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Sahin, the first work for the construction of the subway between the promises began. The first drilling operation was started in the regions on the metro construction route. Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Department of Transportation Planning and Rail Systems [more…]

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GAZİRAY Works Continues

Within the scope of the Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction Works (GAZİRAY) Project of Xantom XIII 5 km 25 station which was constructed by Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality within the scope of the reconstruction of Başpınar-Gaziantep-Mustafa Yavuz Stations (XAZUM); [more…]

trial surge starts in Gaziray suburban line
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Half of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Arslan said, ş We have made GAZİRAY Project together with our Metropolitan Municipality. 1 billion 100 million pounds of the project 580 million pounds we, 520 million pounds part of the municipality meets. Two of the high-speed train passengers [more…]

Gaziray ends at 2019
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GAZİRAY to save both Foundation and Fuel

The base of Gaziray, which will provide modern suburban service in the comfort of metro between Başpınar and Oduncular in Gaziantep, is the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Minister Ahmet Arslan on April 21, Minister of Justice Abdulhamit Gül, Deputy Governor of Gaziantep Uğur Aladağ and Gaziantep [more…]


Gaziray Study Started at Grand Junction

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality, one of the work carried out in the city transportation GAZİRAY Project Yeşilova Junction (Grand Junction) continues. In the context of GAZİRAY construction project, Başpınar-Gaziantep-M. Reconstruction of Yavuz Stations; On D-400 road and Yeşilova Junction [more…]

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GAZİRAY Relieve Traffic

Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Fatma Şahin, 3,5 informed the public about the annual work, explained the details of the projects with high prestige, and discussed the projects related to the future of the city, besides the historical, cultural and social investments. Direct economy of the city [more…]

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Gaziray Will Operate at 2018

Şahinbey Municipality was held at the Municipal Assembly Hall under the chairmanship of Cuma Guzelbey Municipality Deputy Chairman of the Assembly. The Deputy Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality, who participated in the meeting of the Municipality of Şahinbey, has started its activities in 1. [more…]

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Rash expropriation for GAZİRAY Project

GAZİRAY urgent expropriation for the Project: The Republic of Turkey State Railways Headquarters, making the duration of the Mills-Gaziantep-Mustafayavuz Stations in Gaziantep between the Rebuild Infrastructure and Superstructure Works (GAZİRAY) Project 166 real estate rush expropriation decision on the route is aldı.kar [more…]


GaziRay Project Winners

The Contractor of the Gaziray Project Infrastructure and Superstructure Construction was Invited for the Contract TCDD General Directorate, 1 On September 2016, Başpınar - Gaziantep - Mustafa Yavuz Stations (Gaziray) Railway Line between Infrastructure and [more…]