adana mersin railroad
01 Adana

6 Death on the Mersin Mersin Railway Road

While the repercussions of the impact of the service train carrying the Syrian agricultural workers on the Adana-Mersin freight train continued, 6 people lost their lives in the last 17 accidents. Syrian agriculture crossed the level crossing of a freight train making the Adana-Mersin expedition [more…]

243 Congo

Two Trains Crash in Congo 13 Dead

13 people were killed and 25 people were injured in the accident that occurred as a result of the collision of two freight trains in Ngodji station in Pointe-Noire region of Congo People's Republic. Jean-Claude Tchibassa Louboungou, General Manager of Congo Railways (CFCO), investigating the incident [more…]

eight cars of a Yuk train in Russia derailed
7 Russia

Eight Wagon of a Freight Train

According to a statement from the Russian Ministry of Transport, eight cars were derailed on a freight train at 19.00 at the Makuh-Lundanka section of the Gorky Railway in Kirov region. Eight wagons of freight train 2131 derailed. There is no dead nor injured in the accident. [more…]

railroad snowmobile workman trainer 2
13 Bitlis

Worker in Railroad Tunnel Construction

In the Güroymak district of Bitlis, the 21 worker who was under the train lost his life during the maintenance of the snow tunnels on the railway. In Güroymak district of Bitlis, a worker working on a railroad lost his life as a result of the collision of a freight train. According to information received, [more…]

33 Mersin

Cargo Train in Mersin hits TIR

The information obtained from the Port of Mersin, 33 BLV 15 plate trains tried to pass over the train tracks. At one time, the freight train that hit the tracks from the harbor was hit by the truck. At the last moment, the driver who noticed the tractor tried to stop the train. Train [more…]

Yukle Yukan train derailed 38 wagon intercepted
1 America

Freight Train Exits In The US

A train crash occurred in the Iowa state of the United States. The 38 wagon entered the freight train on the track. In the US state of Iowa the freight train derailed as it crossed the river bridge. Loads of industrial sand and soybean oil [more…]

an unmanned yuk train rides in Australia
Intercity Railways

Driverless Freight Train Starts in Australia

The unmanned freight train that derailed in Devonport, Tasmania, Australia, was derailed and a possible catastrophe was prevented. According to the statement made by Tasmanian police, the uncontrollable unmanned freight train that was uncontrollably derailed in close proximity to Devonport Harbor [more…]

15 Burdur

1 Hitting Cargo Train In Burdur

In Burdur, the freight train crashed at the level gate to an agricultural vehicle known as pat pat. According to information obtained from the event near the military village passes through the passage through the passage of the pat pat tool trying to remove the vehicle Kadir Bulut, approaching freight train [more…]