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İzmirliler Bayramda Percent 50 Discounted Trip

During the Feast of the Sacrifice, the people of İzmir will travel “free 50 discount indirimli and esi free esi to the cemeteries with the public transportation vehicles of the Metropolitan Municipality. In order to make direct flights to Mordoğan and Foça, two ships will be lifted. 22-26 will be applied between August [more…]

Mordogan and Foca Expeditions
35 Izmir

Foça Cruise Schedules

Foca ship trips 4 starts in June: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality commences reciprocal shipments to Foça every weekend with the beginning of summer. The ships of the metropolitan will make a voyage to Mordogan as soon as the line permission comes from the Ministry. Equipped with the latest technology [more…]