tunc soyer performed the first lathe inspection at narlidere subway
35 Izmir

Tunç Soyer Performed His First Site Review At Narlıdere Metro

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer started the site inspections with Narlıdere Metro. The first concrete shot of the Narlıdere Metro, which is being constructed in seven stations and on two shear shafts, was also accompanied by President Soyer. Greater Izmir [more…]

transfer center and parking lot
35 Izmir

Transfer Center and Parking Lot

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality is signing the Terminal and Parking Project which will breathe to Üçkuyular which has become an important transfer point in the urban public transportation. Citizens who leave private cars in the parking lot for 841 cars, from here, metro, tram, bus or [more…]