Intercity Railways

Huaweiden GSM-R report

Huawei GSM-R from the report: Huawei, contribute to railway development in Turkey with GSM-R project. Huawei, 10 years of experience with the hosts about the GSM-R GSM-R network in Turkey continues to focus on the project. Transportation on high speed train lines [more…]

34 Istanbul

Explore Thales at 2015 Eurasia Rail

Discover the Thales at the 2015 Eurasia Rail Fair: The fifth year of the Eurasia Rail 2015 Fair will give national and international firms the opportunity to show their railway infrastructure solutions and technologies. Offering a wide range of the most advanced solutions [more…]


Light signaling poles on railway

Railway in light signaling pillars history going Alstom is also in the signing of several railway transportation turkey, new to mix the history of the light signaling system, modern and safer ERMS / ETCS (European Rail Traffic Management System / European Train Control [more…]