ISTE's ENERGY Increases

Iskenderun Technical University (ISTE) Energy Institute begins the recruitment of students. As the name implies, in the Energy Systems Engineering Department of the Institute, which focuses on ”energy b which is of strategic importance for the future of our country; Interdisciplinary issues related to ar energy “ [more…]

34 Istanbul

3. Airport will save 33 million pounds

In the third airport of Istanbul, electricity and water savings will be made equivalent to the consumption of 5 thousand 500 households annually. Istanbul New airport will also provide savings. The third airport is equivalent to the consumption of 19 thousand 5 households consumed by 500 thousand households annually. [more…]

35 Izmir

Attention ..! Konak to the Tram Line

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to be built on the Konak Tram line, the line came to power catenary wires. Since 26 will be high voltage on wires along the line from December to December, citizens have been asked to be careful about this. Modern, environmentally friendly, comfortable [more…]

High Voltage Warning
01 Adana

High voltage warning from TCDD

High voltage warning from TCDD: TCDD Ulukisla-Ciftehan, Adana-Yenice-Kamberhöyüğü stations between the railway line will be given high voltage today, stating that the citizens should be careful. The Republic of Turkey State Railways in a written statement made by the General Directorate-Ulukışla between Kayseri and Mersin-Adana-Toprakkale [more…]

34 Istanbul

Giant generator ship came to Marmaray

The giant generator ship came to Marmaray: The solution to the people of Istanbul who came to power after Marmaray came into power came from the sea. The electricity generated by the generator ship anchored in the Yenikapı openings will relax the mega city. Ministry of Transport to provide electricity to Marmaray on increased need [more…]

Intercity Railways

Electric car hit the car

Electric car crashed in the car: a worker who was caught in the car as a result of the short circuit of the electric water heater in the carriage in the Baskil district of Elazığ was injured. The incident occurred in a wagon at the railway station in Baskil district. According to information obtained, the train line is engaged in [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railways open for use by private operators

Railways will be opened to private operators: Binali Yıldırım, Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, said: de After the signal and electrical works are finished, we will open the railways for private operators. They will be able to use this place for a certain price. Belirli [more…]

34 Istanbul

Method to mitigate energy costs from IETT

IETT method to alleviate energy costs: IETT established the first wind turbine to generate electricity from wind energy to contribute to the reduction of energy costs in the Beylikdüzü metrobüs park area. IETT, Wind generating electricity from wind energy in Beylikdüzü metrobüs park area [more…]


Burned down on the train

Train burned to death: Sakarya, the 27 500 volt electric current on the 17 thousand young people died in the wagon to take pictures. According to information obtained, 4 friends to take pictures Adapazari district Mithatpasa [more…]

06 Ankara

Fast train pulled by diesel locomotive

Fast train diesel locomotives pulled: As in many provinces across Turkey, electricity was cut in the order in Kocaeli 10.35 hours. Due to the interruption of approximately 3 and a half hours, YHT remained on the road. Craftsmen and industrialists could not work. Pharmacists can't give you medicine, [more…]

34 Istanbul

Dangerous Trip on Tram

Dangerous Journey on the Tram: The person on the tram in Taksim, the 600 voltage electrical current to the mouth of the heart to make the journey to the mouth. A person climbing on the tram, which serves on Istaklal Avenue in Taksim, Istanbul, 600 voltage electricity [more…]

35 Izmir

Railway warning from the İzmir Governor's office

Izmir Governor's Office warned of electricity on the railway: Izmir Governorate, İZBAN's new route, Friday-Torbalı-Tepeköy line will be given to the 25 thousand volts electricity, warned not to approach the lines for life safety. In a written statement made by the Governor's Office, öy Cumaovası-Torbalı-Tepeköy Line Cutting Electrification Facilities ten [more…]

34 Istanbul

Marmaray failures moved to parliament

Marmaray failures moved to parliament: Deputy Chairman of CHP Umut Oran, Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, "Marmaray safe, technical and security deficiencies until the completion of the command will you give instructions to stop?" He asked. Rate, the Prime Minister to respond [more…]

34 Istanbul

Historical railway is being revived

The historical railway is being reintroduced: The Municipality of Kağıthane has started work on the reconstruction of the historic railway line at 1915. In a written statement made by the Municipality of Kagithane, the historic railway line by realizing the district's modern time and history [more…]