Ankara Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Workshop Carried Out in Düzce
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Ankara-Istanbul High Speed ​​Train Workshop Carried Out in Düzce

Iyle High Speed ​​Train Between Ankara and Istanbul iyle workshop, which was organized with the cooperation of Düzce University and Düzce Municipality, was held in Cumhuriyet Conference Hall. Program; Dursun Ay, Mayor of Düzce, Rector. Dr. Nigar Demircan [more…]


Training was provided to the drivers in Düzce

Training seminar on CNG buses used in public transportation for Düzce Municipality Transport Services Directorate personnel was organized. Training seminar was organized on the efficient and correct use of CNG vehicles for the drivers working in Düzce Municipality. Within the Transportation Services Directorate [more…]


Nostalgic Tram in Düzce

The pedestrianized street in Istanbul Street, with the curiosity of the public, has started its activities. The tram, which served from the front of Düzce Municipality to the Military Branch, attracted great attention from the citizens on the first day of the expedition. Traveling on the tram Düzceliler, his thoughts shared with the Pioneer News microphone. [more…]


Painting Work on Nostalgic Tram Road

On the nostalgic tram road, which will be in service shortly by Düzce Municipality, signs and pointers were painted. The final preparations are completed before the nostalgic tram starts on Istanbul Street, which is being pedestrianized by Düzce Municipality. On the street [more…]


Stops at Düzce Nostalgic Tram Project

Düzce Municipality Nostalgic Tram project is continuing rapidly. After the preparation of rails and other equipment, the stops are now deployed. Düzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs said in a statement; Nostalgic Tram project will be completed as soon as possible [more…]


Nostalgic Tram Rails in Düzce

On the Istanbul street of Düzce Municipality, the rails for the Nostalgic tramway within the scope of the 'Pedestrianization Project' have begun. Work continues for the tram line, which will extend from the junction of Istanbul street with Atatürk boulevard to 15 July Martyrs' Park. [more…]


Construction Works on Tramway in Düzce

Work has been accelerated for the tramway in Istanbul street, which is closed to vehicle traffic. Duzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams on the Istanbul street in the 950-meter section of the channel accelerated tramway work to be completed as soon as possible aims to be finished. Science Works [more…]


Nostalgic Tram Works in Düzce

The trenching works for the nostalgic tram, which will be commissioned on the Istanbul street, came to the front of the shopping mall in the neighborhood of Kültür. The tram line 15 will go up to July Martyrs Park. Canal for tramway route in Istanbul [more…]


Nostalgic tramway works started in Düzce

In Istanbul street, which was closed to the vehicle traffic, trenching works were started for the tramway. Düzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs teams will be channeled in Istanbul Street in the section of 950 meters. Nostalgic as the second stage after the 'Pedestrianization' project in Istanbul Street [more…]


The tramway goes to tender

Tram in the tender goes to Düzce: Istanbul street car traffic closure project after the project began to work on the rail system. Duzce Municipality started work on the Istanbul street tram project. Düzce Municipality Directorate of Science Affairs [more…]


İstiklal Street will blow in Düzce

İstiklal Caddesi will be aired in Düzce: Düzce Municipality, which aims to turn the most busy street of Düzce into the air of Istanbul's famous İstiklal Caddesi, opened a tender for the tram route. When the project is completed nostalgic in the middle of Istanbul Street [more…]


Electric Metrobus Support to Transportation

Electric Metrobus Support to Transportation in Düzce: The Municipality of Düzce has opened the way for the development of environmental roads as well as support solutions for transportation. Mayor Mehmet Keles, said the increase in new roads will be used in transportation of electric metrobuses. President Mehmet [more…]


Does the speed train pass through

The high speed train passes from Duzce: Duzce Municipality has started the studies and technical researches to pass the high speed train from Duzce. The step for the high-speed train, which is of great importance in the transportation network, was taken. Düzce Municipality, Ministry of Transport State Railways [more…]