You won't get enough of the fun in the sea cable car 1
20 Denizli

Fun in Denizli Ropeway

Evening at the ropeway in Pamukkale District of Denizli. In Denizli, you will enjoy the evening party with the intense interest in the winter party at the cable car with a panoramic view of the 1.500-meters, which includes restaurants and other visitor activities. TELEFERIC WINTER [more…]

20 Denizli

Applause from Bus Driver in Denizli

A passenger who was disturbed at the Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Bus was taken to the hospital by bus serving in the Bayramyeri-Meska line numbered 27. This sensitivity of the driver was appreciated by the citizens. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality bus, disturbed the passenger, the driver with the sensitivity of the hospital [more…]