33 France

Ekol Logistics launches Sete-Paris train line

Ekol Logistics has put the Sete-Paris train line into service: Ekol Logistics has added a new one to its electric block train services used within the scope of intermodal transportation service. Ekol aims to ensure sustainable development by developing environmentally friendly business processes and projects. [more…]

Intercity Railways

Container Impasse in Kayseri Industry

The container impasse in Kayseri industry: Postponement of the opening at Boğazköprü Logistics Village to 2017, Arkas Transport's transportation of the container park at OSB to Mersin increased the transportation problems in Kayseri industry. Some industrialists had to rent containers from Mersin said. The hope of Kayseri industrialists [more…]

Intercity Railways

TCDD and DTD meeting held

A meeting was held between TCDD and DTD. Murat Kavak under the direction of the Department of Cargo and joined the management of the Circle. The topics discussed in the meeting are as follows: Reducing the discount and transportation costs in tariffs; [more…]

35 Izmir

Security camera on subway crash in Izmir (Video)

Security accident in the subway accident in Izmir. Bornova district of Izmir. During the operation in the storage area next to a container lifted by a forklift truck crashed moments of the taxi cabins recorded moments of seconds recorded by security cameras. In the images, the forklift operator Mustafa Aydemir, the container [more…]