the first passengers of kabatas pier were met with carnation
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The First Passengers of Kabatas Pier were Welcomed with Carnation

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality completed the first stage of inin Kabataş Square and Transfer Center aş project. City Lines, started the service of the Islands and Bosphorus line from two jetties. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM), X Kabatas Square and [more…]

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Free Transportation in Istanbul

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality; 50 discount service provided by 30 June-1 July, XNUMX students and officials to participate in the Higher Education Institutions Exam (YKS) decided to make free use of public transportation vehicles. Greater Istanbul [more…]

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Dogs Can Travel With Istanbul City Line Steamers

In Istanbul City Line ferries, birds, cats and rabbits will be able to travel in the passenger lounge and dogs will be able to travel outside the passenger lounge by attaching a mouthpiece. Moving conditions of domestic animals were determined again by Istanbulites. Istanbul City Lines of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality [more…]

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Promoting public transport in Istanbul

Increase in public transportation costs in Istanbul: According to the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality's website, the 1 in Istanbul has been subject to a new regulation on public transportation prices since September 2012. According to UKOME decision, IETT buses, Tunnel, Nostalgic Tram, [more…]

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The pleasure of ferry to Marmaras

The pleasure of the ferry is unchanged to Marmaras: traveling by City Lines ferries, like the fairy-tale world, its course and pleasure. The issue of pleasure rather than transportation v Süleyman Genç, General Manager of City Lines, said that they did not think that Marmaray would negatively affect City Line ferries. [more…]

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50 Discount in Istanbul

50 discount on transportation in Istanbul: 2 good news for Istanbulers: 16 where schools are opened On Monday, public transportation will be free of charge between 06.00-13.00. In addition, during the Feast of the Sacrifice, citizens will be able to use the 50 discount on public transport. [more…]