Istanbul airport began to pay toll parking
34 Istanbul

Paid Parking Period in Istanbul Airport

Istanbul Airport's parking lot will be paid from now on. 29 After the official opening in October, IGA, which does not charge for parking, announced that the 15 car park will be free until April. Starting from the beginning of the paid period of the car park in the tariff [more…]

car parked in the old garage
45 Manisa

Car Parking Starts in Old Garage

Manisa Metropolitan Municipality started work on the Old Garage area of ​​the parking lot arrangement for a thousand 500 vehicles approaching the end of the car park began. Citizens will be able to park their vehicles on the 24 watch for free. Manisa Metropolitan Municipality of the city [more…]

modern parking in bursanin kestel
16 Bursa

Modern Parking in Kestel District of Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, all districts will increase the quality of life investments in the town of Kestel also added. The ground floor of the car park and market area to be built in Kestel was laid with a ceremony. Bursa to the future from transportation to infrastructure, from sports to historical and cultural heritage [more…]

There is also a free parking on scholarship
16 Bursa

Free Parking in Bursa

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality, in the district of Yildirim in the face of the High Specialized HNXX car park in the area against the vehicle has earned. The car park, which was operated by Burbak and which was free of charge, eliminated the most important problem of the patients' relatives. Smart junction arrangements in Bursa [more…]

smart signs from the city
38 Kayseri

Smart City Signs from Smart City

Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. el Smart Signs., which was developed by the company and provided guidance and information services about the car parks, were placed at the 11 point of the city. Kayseri Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. and information about car parks [more…]

Free parking at nilufer
16 Bursa

Free Parking at Nilufer

Bursa Metropolitan Municipality brought a fundamental solution to the problem of parking in İhsaniye Square, where the municipality building, district governorate and tax offices are located in Nilüfer. 7 thousand square meters of free parking is converted by the Metropolitan Municipality to the free parking lot with the peace of mind of the residents. [more…]

33 discount on army car parking costs 2
52 Army

33 Discounts on Parking Charges in Ordu

Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality Engin Tekintaş continues to respond to the demands of citizens. President Tekintaş, according to the demands of the citizens of the water prices, then the price of the discount will go to the 33 reduction in parking fees, he said. Instead of parking long vehicles [more…]