trabzonda bus service is given fire training
61 Trabzon

Fire Drivers are Provided in Trabzon

Fire trainings are provided to bus drivers working within Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department. To take measures against fire in the trainings given by Trabzon Metropolitan Municipality Fire Department, what to do in case of fire, how to do the first intervention, [more…]

maritime transportation
20 Denizli

Traffic Training for Bus Drivers from Denizli

Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Inc. The training activities for the personnel are continuing. Denizli Metropolitan Municipality continues its in-service training seminars without interruption. In this context, Denizli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation A.Ş. Traffic training for the personnel. Morning and [more…]


Transportation in Kocaeli with Quality

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to innovate for comfortable and quality travel in public transportation services. Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality carries out public transportation services. drivers went into the wheel with new, uniform clothes. Meets passengers in uniform [more…]

06 Ankara

EGO Driver Training

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate continues its in-service vocational trainings, which are regularly given each year in order to increase the professional qualifications of drivers. In-service trainings regularly given by experts of the subject [more…]


Award-winning motivation from drivers to cars

Award-winning motivation to drive from ulaşımpark: Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality ulaşımpark Inc., citizens are doing a variety of applications in order to provide better transportation. Bus drivers are rewarded as one of the works aimed at passenger satisfaction. To ensure the motivation of the drivers, TransportPark Inc., every month, [more…]


MOTAŞ continues to train bus drivers

MOTAŞ continues to provide training for bus drivers: Within the scope of the training organized by the Human Resources Department of MOTAŞ A.Ş., during the day, the problems encountered while carrying out public transportation services in different regions of Malatya and the solutions to solve these problems [more…]


MOTAŞ and its drivers

MOTAŞ and its drivers sitem: Expressing that there are some deficiencies of MOTAŞ and some drivers for disabled people, Naile Altuntaş, President of ANKA Disabled Platform, stated that the 'disabled ramp system for high-based buses' should be implemented in all buses. [more…]

16 Bursa

Disabled people in wheelchairs

Disabled Persons in Wheelchairs Burulaş 's buses, which can be comfortable to the rampage of Burulaş XVIII century, which has a fleet of buses with the nature of the Burulaş' s disabled, taking the bus with the disabled people in the wheelchair disabled, no longer accompanied by a companion. [more…]