electric train arrives in Bursa
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7 Electric Train Arrives in Bursa

It was either 1990 or 1991. We went to a train accident while working in the building of Bursa Hakimiyet in Fomara Han. Accident; He was in Gökçedağ, a district of Harmancık on the Kütahya border of Bursa. As we recall; Black train, derailed, some passengers on the train [more…]

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High Disappointment in Bursa

This year 8 million passengers will be transported by high-speed train, but this service will continue to be deprived of Bursa. high-speed rail transportation of Turkey's most important breakthrough is made in Bursa, that one can go to the 7 minutes Akdeniz Airport. Great convenience, [more…]

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Did you dream of a fast train to Bursa?

Did you dream of a fast train to Bursa? : Bursa seems to be waiting for more to reach the High Speed ​​Train (YHT). Five years ago, the YHT project, whose foundation was laid down and it heralded to the residents of Bursali, was locked. The foundation of the High Speed ​​Train Project 2012 [more…]

Bursa Bilecik High Speed ​​Train Project
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Bursa Bilecik YHT Expeditions to Start at 2018

Bursa-Bilecik YHT Expeditions Will Start at 2018: Bandırma-Bursa-Ayazma-Osmaneli (Bursa-Bilecik) High Speed ​​Train project continues without slowing down. The project, which has been revised due to landslide improvement, is planned to be completed in 2018. According to the news Yenişafak, Turkey, High Speed ​​Train (YHT) technology [more…]

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Bursa industry should be connected to the sea by rail

Bursa industry should be connected to the sea by rail: Ahmet Arslan, the Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications, who visited Bursa Chamber of Commerce and Industry (BTSO) within the scope of his contacts in Bursa, said: bağlan I had the opportunity to listen to the projects of BTSO. 2023 targets are not imagined in BTSO's work [more…]

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High speed false in Bursa

High speed wrong to Bursa: Though thought, method and service are nice, will high-speed train bring to Bursa, will it bring you full satisfaction? Now ılıy Discussing. As well as… Criticizing. Anadolu Istanbul and Ankara and some other Anatolia [more…]

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Bursa YHT line studies

Bursa YHT line studies: AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman Torun: ara Yenişehir-Vezirhan-Bilecik line, due to the soft soil structure due to geological and technical studies, according to the decision, the connection points may be partially shifting ındaki AK Party Bursa Provincial Chairman [more…]

High Speed ​​Train - YHT
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Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project

Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project: Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications Lütfi Elvan said, Tren We are the first in the high-speed train line for Bursa. We will not only carry high-speed train passengers. We will also carry the load at the same time. This, [more…]