91 India

Bombs On Rails In India

In India, police found a large object that was thought to be a bomb, which was covered on the train tracks, and went to the scene after being notified that this could be a bomb to detonate as the train passed. Indian police evaluating the notice removed the cover on the object. [more…]

Intercity Railways

A bomb was destroyed in Batman

In Batman, the bomb was destroyed: the hand-made explosive Gendarmerie trapped on the railway near the village of Doluca in Batman. Batman Governor's Office said in a statement, demir Batman-Kurtalan railway Batman center Doluca village is a suspicious [more…]

49 Germany

Bomb panic at Cologne Train Station

Bomb panic at the Cologne Train Station: When bombs were reported at the train station in Cologne, Germany, security forces evacuated people at the station. According to the information received from the police authorities in Cologne, Germany, it was learned that the notification was unfounded. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Suspect bag alarm next to Kabatas tram stop

Doubtful bag alarm next to Kabatas tram stop: suspect bag police located next to Kabatas tram stop alarmed. Men's clothes came out of the bag detonated by the detonator. In Istanbul, the suspicious bag located at the edge of the road opposite Kabataş Pier was detonated with a detonator. Majlis-i [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bomb alarm at metrobus stop

Bomb alarm at the stop of Metrobus: Caglayan Courthouse, next to the metrobus overpass pass the bomb of the picnic tube police bombed alarme time 05.30 queues hanged under the banner hanged on the top of the Metrobus suspicious packet police alarmed. [more…]

34 Istanbul

Bomb alarm at Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop

Bomb alarm at Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop: Zincirlikuyu metrobus stop was evacuated due to suspicious package. A suspicious bag was discovered at Zincirlikuyu Metrobus station. The stop was completely evacuated. Similar Railway News and Other News You Might Be Interested in Zincirlikuyu [more…]