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Funny application on Uludag cable car line

Funny application on the cable car line of Uludag: With the renewal of the first day of visitors to the ropeway with the passengers coming to Uludağ'a take a bike for the bicycle they take away. 10 pounds, as well as the ticket price [more…]


Peded to call attention to bicycles in traffic

In order to attract attention to the cyclists in the traffic, they pedaled: Within the scope of Road Safety and Traffic Week activities, the 250 bike pedaled to attract attention to traffic cyclists. Organized with the support of Sakarya Governorship, Metropolitan Municipality and some non-governmental organizations [more…]

34 Istanbul

Metrobus comes to cycling

Metrobus cycling: Good news for bicycle users of Istanbul: Metrobüs allowed to travel by bicycle extended hours. New rules were set for the bicycle transportation in metrobuses. Another step was taken in Istanbul on bicycles. Facebook Facebook Twitter [more…]

34 Istanbul

Logitrans 2013 Exhibitor List

Logitrans 2013 Exhibitor List: 21.11.2013 - 23.11.2013 between Turkey, Istanbul Expo Center logitrans which will be hosted in Istanbul - Transportation, Urban Logistics, Commercial Vehicles and bodybuilders Equipment Exhibition is an bxnumxb business activities. ECHO [more…]


Tram Parking at the Service of the Kayseri

Tramway Parking In the service of Kayserians The security bars placed on the route of the tram, which has an important place in the city passenger transportation in Kayseri, are also in service of the people of Kayseri with a different function. Security anchors placed on the route of the tram and aimed at the safety of citizens [more…]

91 India

Metrobus missed the rich

Metrobus line in the capital of India Tired of the owners of private car BRT line, people who complained about traffic, resorted to the court. Metrobus line, which is one of the countries with the most traffic problems, has lost its taste. According to Yenişafak, [more…]