Significant activity in Aycicegi bicycle valley
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Meaningful Activity in Sunflower Bike Valley

Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Sunflower Bike Valley continues to host its visitors. Within the scope of Occupational Health and Safety Week, Sakarya Provincial Directorate of National Education organized celebrations and events in the Bike Valley in Camili. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Youth [more…]

sakarya will continue to be a bike-friendly city
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Sakarya will continue to be a friendly city

Speaking at the 7.Traditional Bike Tour, President Ekrem Yüce said, esi As the Metropolitan Municipality, we attach great importance to taking part in activities that will create awareness in traffic. We think that cycling is a privileged position between awareness. Sakarya is a bicycle-friendly city. With this understanding [more…]

address in bicycle sport will be Sakarya
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Address: Sakarya Olacak

Sunflower Valley Bicycle xnumx.'s held Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey 55. stage. President Ekrem contained in the relevant assessment by the Supreme Race "held in our country, the most comprehensive cycling organization to host the Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey [more…]

presidential turkey bike tour took start
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Start Receives Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey

Presidential patronage of the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality also organized with the support of "Presidential Cycling Tour of Turkey" s 55. The Mayor of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, Mr. Mevlüt Uysal and Istanbul Governor Ali Yerlikaya gave the start. The competition started in Sultanahmet Square and attended by the best cyclists in the world. [more…]

bicycles assembled in sakbis project
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Bike Assemblies Started in SAKBIS Project

Bike installations were started by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality in the Smart Bike Project, which was launched in order to expand the use of bicycles in the city. . Bicycles were added to the smart bike stations by our teams. After the completion of the system checks, we will make it available to our citizens. Membership transactions [more…]

countdown to the tour of antalya

Tour Of Antalya Starts Countdown

Antalya Metropolitan Mayor Menderes Turel, the environment of noise and air pollution of the bicycle as the most healthy means of transport is not a negative impact on the awareness of the work they are trying to spread, he said. President Türel, this year will be held the second Acra Grand [more…]

he likes
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Kocaeli Loved KOBİS

KOBİS (Kocaeli Bicycle Transportation System) Project, which was realized by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Public Transport Department, attracted great attention. The project started in the center of Izmit and later spread to 12 district. New stations are installed KOBİS 86 bin 760 [more…]