Cark Creek meets by bike and dormitory
54 Sakarya

Çark Creek Edge Bike and Walk

The first stage of the bicycle path project, which was implemented by the Metropolitan Municipality and covering the Sunflower Bike Valley and Mithatpaşa Vagon Park, continues. Karamehmetoğlu said, zengin With this project, enriching the edge of Çark Creek, a new living space [more…]


Work on Barguzu Street

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality is continuing to change-transformation and renovation works at Barguzu Street, which is within the 3.6 kilometer, which is located within the boundaries of Yesilyurt district. The 2 kilometer section was completed last year on Barguzu Street. This year 800 [more…]


International Smart Cities Conference in Konya

Konya was mentioned at the International Conference on Smart Cities: In the International Smart Cities Conference organized by the Public Technology Platform, Konya Metropolitan Municipality's mobile applications were presented with the examples of Smart Transport. International Smart Cities organized by the Public Technology Platform (KTP) [more…]

35 Izmir

Pedal revolution in Izmir

Pedal revolution in Izmir: Izmir Metropolitan Municipality prepared to increase the 39 kilometer bike path within the city to 2017 at the end of 90; Beach Houses, Cistern, Harmandali-Ulukent and 2. Kordon has created new bike paths. started working for the Bicycle Master Plan in Turkey [more…]

Asphalt News

Road Works in Yeşiltepe and Velioğlu

Road Works in Yeşiltepe and Velioğlu: In Çaycuma district of Zonguldak, the problem of ong low banquet Çay formed as a result of the hot asphalt to Yeşliltepe and Velioğlu neighborhoods has been solved with new studies. The da low banquet eli as a result of the hot asphalt in the Yeşiltepe and Velioğlu neighborhoods in Çaycuma [more…]


Çankaya and Dikmen bridge

Çankaya and Dikmen are joining the bridge: Ankara Metropolitan Municipality reached the last stage in the Steel Bridge in Dikmen Valley. The bridge which will connect Dikmen and Çankaya will be 2 lanes with 2 arrival and 4 going. [more…]