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Tram cuts CNN Turkish employees (Video)

Tram has cut CNN Türk employees: The tram and tram that hit the tram road in Bahçelievler collided head-to-head. The tram, which tries to cross the tram road in Bahçelievler, collided with the tram head-to-head. 2 injured in the vehicle divided into two people were taken to hospital. [more…]

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Removing the metrobus overpass in Bahcelievler

The metrobus overpass in Bahçelievler is being lifted: The metrobus overpass in Bahçelievler has started to be lifted as part of the renovation works carried out by IMM. Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) teams, the renovation of the metrobus overpass in Bahçelievler, in order to provide a more comfortable transportation service to Istanbul residents [more…]

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Bahçelievler metrobus station 10 closed the day

Bahçelievler metrobus station 10 days off: Metrobüs station and overpass will not be available for 10 days due to renovation work. The Bahçelievler Station and the overpass on the Metrobüs line will not be able to provide services for the 10 days due to the renovation work to be carried out by the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

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Rejoicing with Bakırköy metro lines

Bakırköy metro lines will be added: Among the new projects of Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, especially in Bakırköy, the developments are noteworthy. Accordingly, plans include the 25 km Bakırköy-Esenyurt Metro Line. The route of the line between Bahçelievler, Küçükçekmece, Avcılar and Beylikdüzü place [more…]

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Metro project line under Metrobus

Metro project line under the Metrobus: Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Kadir Topbas, the metropolis between Bahçelievler and Beylikduzu, metrobus line will be built without removing the underground, he said. Kadir Topbaş participated in the book fair, to be made parallel to the metrobus line [more…]


Sakarya Light rail full gas

Sakarya Light Rail System Full Gas Light Rail System has been started to work. The construction of the four-month station is completed. Four intermediate stations by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality, the city center and the new intercity bus [more…]

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IETT 2 new line 36 per month

IETT, which has been providing public transportation service to Istanbul for 141 years, opened a new 2 20 new line for 16 in Europe and 36 on the Anatolian side in order to meet the transportation needs of Istanbul. New districts on the European side opened Avcılar, Arnavutköy, [more…]

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IETT buses 'three doors' period

IETT General Manager Hayri Baraçlı stated that they place great importance on passenger satisfaction as an institution and the dik three doors önem period will start on IETT buses. Ali Kuş from Yeni Şafak newspaper, IETT General Manager An interview with Hayri Baraçlı [more…]