sehit polis yalcin yamaner bulvari modernized
52 Army

Şehit Polis Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard Modernized

Şehit Polis Yalçın Yamaner Boulevard, which was poured from the last floor asphalt by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, became the lifeblood of the region with its modern appearance and transportation to the highway as well as the urban transportation. ALTERNATIVE IN URBAN TRANSPORTATION Karapınar Neighborhood [more…]

army roads km cizgi cizildi
52 Army

353 Km Line Drawing on Army Roads

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in order to ensure safer traffic flow on the streets and streets paved across the province and to increase the comfort of the roads. Metropolitan Municipality teams completed the asphalt works in the last two years, approximately 353 km [more…]

the army continues to change in zubeyde hanim avenue
52 Army

Ordu Zubeyde Hanim Street is Changing!

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its pedestrianization and pavement works in various parts of the city. President Engin Tekintaş said, Cad Within the scope of the pavement renovation work carried out at Zübeyde Hanım Street, concrete plaque stone, granite slab stone, pavement renovation and lighting [more…]

important protocol for ski sport
52 Army

Important Protocol for Ski Sport

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality and the Provincial Directorate of Youth Services and Sports signed a protocol within the scope of the il Widespread Skiing Project il prepared for the development of ski sport in our city. Chairman Engin Tekintaş said, Engin Skiing our youth with the cooperation protocol we made [more…]


Smart Stall Period Begins in Altınordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality commenced the implementation of a smart stop in the Public Transit Transformation Project in Altınordu. LCD-LED screens showing the estimated time of arrival of the minibuses and lar Ordumkart durak filling automats were placed in the stations with the highest density. LCD LEDs [more…]


Cable car tail in Ordu

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality provides an enthusiastic holiday to its citizens with its investments. The citizens living in the new living areas created by the Metropolitan Municipality enjoyed both the holiday and the holiday. Süleyman Felek, recently opened [more…]


The New Ring Road to Altınordu!

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality offers a new ring road to reduce traffic load in Altınordu district where the number of vehicles increases rapidly with the increase in population. President Enver Yılmaz, who has made investigations on Polatlı Şehitleri Street where hot asphalt works started, [more…]


Plateaus Connected with Green Road

Within the scope of the esi Green Road Project ', which will connect the Eastern Black Sea plateaus, the works in Ordu continue. Investigating on the 25 kilometer road between Çambaşi Plateau and Topçam in the Army stage of the project, Metropolitan Mayor Enver Yılmaz, 5 km [more…]


Modern Public Transport System in the Army Served

One of the projects of change and transformation of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality was put into service with a ceremony. Thousands of citizens attended the commissioning ceremony at Cumhuriyet Square with the slogan ce Modern Transformation in the Army in the Army katıl. Near the old public transport vehicle near 340 [more…]


Black Sea High Speed ​​Train Waiting

Black Sea City Councils Consultation Meeting was held in Ordu province. President Enver Yılmaz, who attended the meeting which was hosted by Ordu City Council, made the idea about the construction of a high-speed train to the square on the agenda of the meeting with our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan [more…]


Public Transport In Altınordu

The works for the new public transport system to be implemented in the Altınordu district of Ordu were completed and the protocol was signed today. According to the protocol signed under the name of arac Public Transportation Rehabilitation Project Proj, 322 vehicle is operating on different routes in Altınordu. [more…]

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Çambaşı Yaylası Ski Facilities will be opened in December

Çambaşı Plateau, where citizens flock during the summer months, continues to work on revitalizing winter tourism. Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, Çambaşı Ski Center, which was planned to be put into service during the winter season, has joined the hot asphalt. PLANT SERVICE IN WINTER SEASON ENTER to Turkey [more…]