mass transportation vehicles in antalya audited
07 Antalya

Public Vehicles Inspected in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Control Teams carried passengers to the western districts of Antalya, public transport, commercial and service vehicles made for the audit. During the inspections, the equipment which was obliged to be kept especially for passenger safety was checked. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]

demreliler bus got together
07 Antalya

Demreliler got on the bus

Demreliler got the bus. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide support to districts and towns within the scope of its activities with a more accessible city target. During his visit to Demre, President Muhittin Böcek fulfilled his promise to the public. Demre [more…]

muscle group maintenance
07 Antalya

Maintenance of Kaş's Group Roads

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality is carrying out maintenance and repair works on deteriorated roads in winter. Sütleğen, Yuvacık, Yayla Çavdır, Yayla Bonito and Çamköy group roads of Kaş district are made safer. Metropolitan Municipality Rural Services Department teams [more…]

bus service
07 Antalya

Bus Service to Varsak Plateau

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to organize flights in the sweltering summer months with the slogan 'Highland Time'. Following the Saklıkent and Feslikan springs, the expedition to Varsak Plateau started. Metropolitan Municipality, Antalya is taking the plateau. In summer, the sweltering and humid air [more…]