alanya break break
07 Antalya

Arrangement for Break Interchange in Alanya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the evening hours of traffic, almost locked in the interchange made in Alanya Mola. Relaxation was provided at the intersection after the arrangement. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate teams and Alanya Municipality Science Affairs Directorate teams [more…]

apple bus terminal works in progress
07 Antalya

Elmalı Bus Terminal Works in Progress

The main excavation and ground works of the Elmali Bus Terminal project, which will be built by Antalya Metropolitan Municipality, have started. The terminal, which will generate its own electricity through solar panels, stands out with its environmentalist aspect. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality to Elmali a new [more…]

speed limit changed in Antalya
07 Antalya

Speed ​​Limit Changed in Antalya

Routes updated speed limit increased. With the decision of Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Coordination Center (UKOME), speed limits on urban roads have been determined again. The speed limit of 70 kilometers is the 82 mileage on some streets and boulevards located in the city center. [more…]

mass transportation vehicles in antalya audited
07 Antalya

Public Vehicles Inspected in Antalya

Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Control Teams carried passengers to the western districts of Antalya, public transport, commercial and service vehicles made for the audit. During the inspections, the equipment which was obliged to be kept especially for passenger safety was checked. Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department [more…]

demreliler bus got together
07 Antalya

Demreliler got on the bus

Demreliler got the bus. Antalya Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide support to districts and towns within the scope of its activities with a more accessible city target. During his visit to Demre, President Muhittin Böcek fulfilled his promise to the public. Demre [more…]