asti de top level security
06 Ankara

High Level Security in AŞTİ

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work in all parts of the city in order to ensure that citizens can live in peace and security in the capital city. Transportation and Natural Gas Services Project Contracting Industry and Trade Inc. of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality. (Bugsaş) [more…]

in August ego buses ankaray metro and cable car free
06 Ankara

Ankara 30 August Day Public Transportation Free

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Chief Commander Gazi Mustafa Kemal under the leadership of the Great Offensive 97. has completed preparations for the anniversary celebration. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality will cooperate with public institutions and organizations in the celebration program to be held in the capital within the scope of N 30 August Victory Day ”. [more…]

ankara buyuksehirden anitkabire private study
06 Ankara

From Ankara Metropolitan to Anitkabir

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality carried out a meticulous and meticulous work at Anıtkabir, the eternal resting place of Gazi Mustafa Kemal Atatürk. Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Works 7 / 24 working pavement maintenance and repair work after the asphalt paving work completed. ANITKABİR [more…]

safe roads in the capital
06 Ankara

Smooth Roads, Safe Drives in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues its activities in order to provide a more comfortable and comfortable driving pleasure for the drivers of the capital city. Metropolitan Municipality, which has accomplished many works from road construction, new road opening, asphalt pavement, and overpass construction, [more…]

free enigma
06 Ankara

Free Enigma in Başkentray

Başkentray, which is serving in Ankara, is confusing about the problems about free travel cards. Başkentray, which was put into use in April, continues to cause confusion in terms of free travel cards. Ankara Metropolitan Municipality's collective [more…]

bottom kose cleaning on ego buses
06 Ankara

Bottom Corner Cleaning in EGO Buses

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, which considers public health, is conducting disinfection and disinfection work on EGO buses for citizens to travel in a clean and hygienic environment. Metropolitan Municipality, aiming to ensure that the citizens of the capital city reach in healthy conditions, [more…]

astide pre-feast inspections increased
06 Ankara

Pre-Bayram Audits Increased in AŞTİ

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality teams, Eid al-Adha'na days of the capital on the four sides of the capital within the scope of the holiday spends intensive work. Metropolitan Municipality Police Department teams routinely carry out their routine inspections throughout the city, while citizens' Feast of Sacrifice [more…]

06 Ankara

100 Day with Mansur Yavaş

Mayor of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mansur Yavaş explained all activities and works carried out in Metropolitan Municipality since 8 April, in his booklet göre 100 Day with Mansur Yavaş ”. Transparent municipalism in all units implemented the understanding of tenders live [more…]

ankara city hospital transportation ego solution
06 Ankara

EGO Solution for Ankara City Hospital

Ankara City Hospital EGO Solution to the ordeal of transportation. The Ankara Metropolitan Municipality provides the N 112 Ulus-Ankara City Hospital (Express) Line Bil to provide direct access to the Ankara City Hospital in Bilkent, which hosts thousands of patients and their relatives every day. [more…]

pedestrian traffic in ankara
06 Ankara

Pedestrian Priority in Ankara Traffic

Turkey launched across the "pedestrian first application" of the capital Ankara, while also supporting new applications that Ankara Metropolitan Municipality started is remarkable about social awareness. In order to draw attention to pedestrian priority in traffic, the Metropolitan Municipality [more…]