the ministry is an example in public transport vehicles
06 Ankara

Capital City Minikler is a Model in Public Transport

The Metropolitan Municipality of Ankara has created another exemplary project to create social awareness. EGO General Directorate, which provides the urban transportation of the capital city about 2 million every day by providing public transportation, Sincan Mareşal Fevzi Çakmak Primary School [more…]

iftar meals ego mutfagindan
06 Ankara

Iftar Dishes from EGO Cuisine

EGO dining hall with hygienic conditions prepared under the food menu, the capitalists who opened the iftarını, thanks to President Yavaş Ankara-Metropolitan Municipality, which continues to work social and people-oriented work in the separate points of the year established 9 tents capitalists show great interest. [more…]

Ankara Metrolarin Music Sound Up
34 Istanbul

Wind Blows in Ankara Metro

With the support of the Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the capital cities continue to open their doors to art and artists. Metropolitan Municipality, which allows many different art branches to develop and find activity area in the capital, amateur street artists determined in Metro Stations. [more…]

tiny traffic cops
06 Ankara

Small Traffic Cops at Work in Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality 24.dönem Children's Assembly members, 15 July Kızılay National Will Square with the traffic police did the inspection. The Children's Assembly 12. traffic audits carried out since the end of the year, in cooperation with Ankara Police Department Traffic Inspection Division [more…]

EGOya Transportation Room
06 Ankara

Access to EGO Award

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality EGO General Directorate, 1. He received an award with the “Smart Charging System ir application at the International Intelligent Transportation Systems Summit. EGO's 1 makes contact with the technology closely and facilitates the life of the capitalists. [more…]

capital roads are filling the goz
06 Ankara

Capital Roads Fill Eyes

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, Hacettepe Beytepe Campus in front of the multi-storey junction intersection study on the route of Angora Bulvarı and Eskisehir Road completed in a short time, opened to traffic. Vedat Üçpınar, Head of Science Affairs Department of the Metropolitan Municipality, Junction in front of Hacettepe Campus [more…]

06 Ankara

Beypazarı Sled Festival Days Left

With the contribution of Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, ından Beypazarı Kızak Şenliği Kız, which has been traditionally organized since 2005, will be held in January this year. Beypazarı district which carries the beauty and refinement of the Anatolian life culture to the present day, this time winter sports and past [more…]

eskisehir way will take more breathing
06 Ankara

Eskişehir Road Will Get More Breath

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, completes the road and intersection works that it has started to construct at different points of the Capital, and opens it to service. Following the opening of the Kepekli, Akkopru and Turk Telekom intersections, which provide uninterrupted transportation, Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Assoc. Dr. Mustafa [more…]

06 Ankara

Cat Eyes in Ankara's Village Roads

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department continues to take measures in terms of life safety as well as asphalt renewal and road expansion works in the new districts and connection roads within the limits of its responsibility. Neighborhood (village) roads to standards [more…]

tight control of service vehicles in the capital
06 Ankara

Strict Control of Service Tools in the Capital

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, especially in the capital of the school service tools for the inspection increased. After the opening of the schools, increasing controls continued unabated, while the control of the service vehicles in cooperation with the Metropolitan Municipality Directorate of Transportation and the Municipal Police Department [more…]

ego buses are being disinfected 3
06 Ankara

EGO Buses Disinfected

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality, the public health issues that are closely related to the case studies. The General Directorate of EGO, which takes into account seasonal and infectious diseases, conducts meticulous cleaning work especially on buses used by citizens. General Manager of EGO Balamir [more…]