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Akçaray Holiday Ready

Transportation to the Akçaray tramPark additional measures were taken by the Park. Pre-preparations for the citizens to live against the intensity of possible victims of grievances have been completed. The Rail Systems Directorate, which met before the feast and held a meeting; cleaning, running system, tram [more…]

mevlana underpass studies started
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Mevlana Underpass Works Started

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to work to bring comfort to the city transport. Akçaray tram line, which won the satisfaction of the citizens, will be extended to the Kuruçeşme region by the Municipality of Mevlana to be implemented by the Mevlana Underpass has begun. Izmit D - 100 on the Highway [more…]

new sub night for kurucesme tram line
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New Underpass for Kuruçeşme Tram Line

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide services that will bring breathability and comfort to transportation throughout the city. The subway will be constructed by the Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality in the section that will be extended to the Kuruçeşme zone, which won the satisfaction of the citizens. Izmit D - [more…]

new akcaray line record interest
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New Akçaray Tram Line Record

The Sekapark - Plajyolu tram route, which started its activities as of February, was welcomed with great interest by the passengers. 10 from the new station in total 3 during the day period about 25 thousand passenger landing boarding was performed. Citizens in place [more…]

new turnstile at akcarayin fevziye station 1
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New Turnstile at Akçaray's Fevziye Station

One of the affiliates of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, TransportationPark Inc. evaluates the demands of the citizens and makes innovations on the Akçaray tram line. Transportation Park, which has delighted the region's tradesmen and traveling passengers by putting additional tournaments in the direction of the market area at the East Kışla station before, [more…]

sekapark subway tram line 6 new vehicle
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6 New Vehicle to Akçaray Tram Line

The big project of 4, which is being built by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality, will be completed and put into service in the first quarter of the new year. Köseköy Bridge Interchange (sunk-out) project was completed in January at the first month of the new year and at the Değirmendere Yüzbaşılar Bridge Interchange in February. [more…]

safe journey in akcaray vehicles
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Safe Travel in Akçaray Vehicles

The service provided by Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality and TransportationPark A.Ş. Akçaray, operated by 1 has been serving the people of Kocaeli for more than a year. 06: 00 in the morning between the night 24: 00 Kocaeli Izmit district in the city center of the tram that relieves transportation, in a short time [more…]


General Secretary Bayram Akçaray Line Review

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Akçaray tram line in addition to the project is planned to work Sekapark-Beach route line continues. General Secretary İlhan Bayram took a look at the work of the tram line and received information about the works. Akçaray, frequently used by citizens, completed the Sekapark-Waterfront route [more…]


Akçaray's Winter Tariff Has Started

Akçaray tram line travel situation and movement taking into account the winter timetable was passed. One of the subsidiaries of Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Park A.Ş. Akçaray is run by the winter tariff. 17 will begin on Monday September 2018-2019 education and training period [more…]