Train in Manisa

In Manisa, Hatice Cakmak died under a train at a level crossing. Alak tears, "Train should move to the outskirts of the city," he addressed President Erdoğan Manisa'nın Yunusemre district in the accident occurred in the neighborhood of Barbaros 40 year old [more…]

35 Izmir

Students Redesigned Alsancak Station

The students of Yaşar University Department of Interior Architecture and Environmental Design, 150 has redesigned the historical Alsancak Station, which has a history of years, with the modern functions to bring a new urban space and public space to the city. To the architectural fabric of the historical building [more…]

Intercity Railways

Railway lines within the scope of public service obligation identified

The railway lines within the scope of public service obligation were determined: The Council of Ministers' Decision Regarding the Determination of Railway Lines to be Provided for the Passenger Transportation Service within the Scope of Public Service Obligation, was published in the Official Journal of the Official Gazette to enter into force tomorrow. Accordingly, göre specific [more…]

tcdd passenger transport map 2
Intercity Railways

TCDD Passenger Train Schedules

TCDD Passenger Train Schedules - Latest Status İZMİR BLUE TRAIN Ankara Every day between İzmir (Alsancak) and Ankara. (Due to the works of BAŞKENTRAY, it is operated between Alsancak-Eskişehir-Alsancak between 11.07.2016-11.12.2017 dates.) There are pulman, bed and dinner wagons on the train. KONYA [more…]

10 Balikesir

Bandırmaya Train Flight Started

Bandırmaya Train Expedition Started: After the tunnel collapse in Sogucak last month, Bandırma started a regional train service with the aim of stopping trains between Balıkesir and İzmir and eliminating passenger grievances between Balıkesir and Bandırma. New regional train [more…]

01 Adana

Outline Train Movement Clocks

Outline train departure hours İZMİR BLUE TRAIN Works every day between Ankara-İzmir (Alsancak) -İzmir. The train has a pulman, bed and dining car. Movement hours: Ankara K: 18.20 - İzmir V: 09.31 İzmir K: 18.30 - Ankara V: 09.53 KONYA [more…]

Intercity Railways

Feast alarm on railways

Feast alarm on the railways: In recent years, as well as land and airways, the Ministry of Transport has become a popular transportation system with investments in the railways, the number of passengers has increased considerably, the administration also took some measures to prevent the trouble before the Eid al-Adha. Turkey [more…]