Yukle Yukan train derailed 38 wagon intercepted
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Freight Train Exits In The US

A train crash occurred in the Iowa state of the United States. The 38 wagon entered the freight train on the track. In the US state of Iowa the freight train derailed as it crossed the river bridge. Loads of industrial sand and soybean oil [more…]

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Turkish child hit by train in US

In the US, the Turkish boy who was hit by the train lost his life: he died in the state of Virginia in the United States of America when he was a Turkish child of an 13 age. According to local media reports, Reyhan Safoglu is one of the VRE trains in the state of Virginia near the Clifton region. [more…]

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Tram Not Freight Train (Video)

Not a Tram Trolley: In the state of Florida in the United States, the freight train passing through the street brings up interesting images. The freight train, which is in the middle of the highway, surprises the viewers. Freight train crossing the street in the state of Florida, United States [more…]


Have you ever looked at the railroad map?

Have you ever looked at the railway map: There is a clear difference between the north and the east of the Mediterranean in terms of the rail network. Railways in North Africa are rarely available. The process of economic development has something to do with the geography we live in. America [more…]

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Haydarpasa Train Station Password

Americans love to live with symbols, to decorate with them the subjects they speak, to conceal or to explain their goals with them. Since the United States has established freemasons, it is not only the money on the money, but also in the city plan of the capital Washington and the structures placed on it. [more…]