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Transport Again Lightning Safety

Transportation is entrusted to Yıldırım again: Until the date of his resignation for the nomination of İzmir Metropolitan Municipality, 11 has been appointed to this post again, as Yıldırım was the longest-running Minister of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications. AK Party Izmir [more…]


The highest share in 2015

The highest share of 2015 in investment: According to the 2015 Year Program, next year the highest share in public fixed capital investments will be the transportation sector with 31. According to the 2015 Year Program, in the areas of transportation and logistics, freight [more…]


The lion's share on the railways

On the lion share railways in transportation: Among the investments of the Ministry of Transport, Maritime Affairs and Communications this year, the highest amount was allocated to rail transport with 5 billion 802 million liras. According to the AA correspondent's collections from the 2014 Investment Program this year, this year [more…]

33 France

UIC Board Meetings were held in Paris

The UIC Board Meetings were held in Paris: the European Regional Council meeting of the UIC, the UIC Executive Board meeting and the UIC 83. The General Assembly was held in Paris. International Association of Railways Kurulu UIC European Regional Council, Executive Committee and 83. [more…]