turkiyenin pride in bozanka
06 Ankara

The pride of Turkey Bozankaya

Bozankaya 2018 company will introduce in the second half of 2010 to the introduction of its subway vehicles, which began production in XNUMX. The officials who met with European companies for metro vehicles are working on different systems. Bozankaya and 22 vehicle for Siemens Bankok subway [more…]


Trambus Roads are paved in Sanliurfa

In the last 5 year, the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the Trambus Project in order to overcome the current transportation problem in Şanlıurfa, with a population increase of 25 per cent, came to an end. The first stage set for the Trambus Project, which is fully supported by the citizens [more…]


Trambus Damages the Historical Texture of Urfa

Sanliurfa Metropolitan Municipality is preparing for the opening of the Trambus project will damage the historical texture of the city, indicating that the ŞPO Urfa Branch Chairman Mehmet Selim Açar, instead of cheaper and under the master plan in the framework of the system of havaray said. The Metropolitan Municipality of Şanlıurfa [more…]


Trambus on the streets of Sanliurfa in September

Last preparations are being made in the Metropolitan Municipality, which has implemented the Trambus project in Şanlıurfa. Completing the street energy systems for the project, the last administrative part of the workshop, looking at the President of the Farmer, 2 month after the targets to reach the trambus in Sanliurfa [more…]


Certificate Ceremony at MOTAŞ

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality MOTAŞ was established to provide services in the fields of transportation, training, certification and consultancy services for personnel participating in MELİD Company training programs. Mayor of the Metropolitan Municipality of 18 [more…]


Malatya, 23 April Trambus On The Road

The traditional 23 April Trambus will give children a tour of the city on their own day. Starting from Malatya Metropolitan Municipality Intercity Bus Terminal (MAŞTİ) and returning to the university, the 23 April Trambus will take the children on the itinerary free of charge. [more…]