Metrobus revolution started in Denizli

It has realized the Metrobus Project which is on the agenda of DENİZLİ Municipality for a long time. Metrobuses waiting for Turex to buy in the hangar months ago and the construction work on the main routes of Denizli was carried out to the desired extent. 12 Metrobus Kumpus Three and Campus [more…]


Chp Reacts to New Metrobus Lines in Denizli

CHP Denizli District District President Ömer Yurtseven, the city's transportation rent Turex'ye claiming that the market, "Turex'e offspring, minibus trades coffe tradesman who treats the AKP, now deserves a whopping slap." He said. Denizli public transport to return to the public, unaware of the public [more…]